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Buakaw In Awe Over Stamp Fairtex's Three Sport Feat

Stamp Fairtex

In 2023, Stamp Fairtex became a three-sport World Champion to make martial arts history when she captured the ONE Atomweight MMA World Championship. The remarkable feat captured the attention of fans around the world, and another Thai legend took notice as well.

Buakaw Banchamek has been immensely impressed with the ONE Championship athlete.

Recently, the striking legend broke down her history-making performance against Ham Seo Hee in a video where his praise of Stamp was expressed.

“Stamp has won many belts, even the ONE kickboxing and Muay Thai [world titles]. Whether it’s MMA, Muay Thai, or kickboxing, she’s a master in all three. If you asked me [what makes Stamp great], it’s a matter of adaptability due to the different regulations. But she’s definitely got it,” Buakaw said.

One of the many ways Buakaw was impressed was knowing it was something that he himself could never accomplish.

The Thai superstar admitted he did not have the ability to adapt his skills across multiple disciplines at that high of a level.

“Even I couldn’t do that [attempt being a world champion in MMA, Muay Thai, and kickboxing]. So, I got to give it up to her. Congratulations to her. I wish she keeps up the good work,” the icon continued.

In 2024, Stamp wants to get her Muay Thai title back around her waist. It is something that Buakaw believes could happen, as he continued to point out her elite striking skills.

By accomplishing history, Buakaw expressed his admiration for one of martial arts’ biggest global stars.

“Stamp is one of the best strikers I have my eyes on and one that I actually admire. She’s super tough. Her fighting style is on point. She’s at the top-ranked among Thai female strikers,” Buakaw said.

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