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Why you should rest and relax after your workout!

child relaxing with eyes closed

Hey there! So, you know how we can get super pumped and want to hit the gym or practice non-stop, every single day? It turns out, going all out like that might not be the best idea. Crazy, right? We all have those goals, like snagging the next belt level or just pushing our limits daily. But, guess what? Pushing too hard can actually backfire, leaving our bodies worse off. Imagine being sidelined for days, or even weeks, because we didn't listen to our bodies. Not cool at all. Here is how you should rest and relax after your workout!

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Your body desperately needs breaks between those intense workout sessions. Think about it – every time you're thrown to the ground, try to snap a board in half, or pull off some wild flips and spins, your body's screaming for a bit of mercy. All those stunts can strain your muscles and, even worse, lead to injuries.

Taking a day or two off isn't the end of the world. It won't throw you months behind in your training. In fact, getting injured because you didn't rest could set you back way longer than a couple of rest days ever would.

Now, onto something you might not have considered. Sure, supplements for anti-inflammation are great, but have you ever thought about just chilling out to some soothing sounds? Yep, it sounds simple, but it works wonders. Just lie down, grab your phone, and search up "Relaxing sounds" on YouTube. You'll find a ton of options. Pick one that catches your eye, set your phone aside, and just relax. Even an hour of this kind of downtime can boost both your physical and mental health significantly.

So, give it a try. An hour a day of just lying back and soaking in some peaceful tunes could do wonders. And remember, missing a couple of days at the dojo isn't a biggie. Your next belt will still be there, waiting for you when you're ready and recharged.

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